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This is the very first post of this blog. This is not the first blog I’ve ever written though, far from it. I’ve been writing blogs on and off for many years now.1Some of my previous blog lives include Wandering ELT and What Better Place Than Here. However, none of my previous blogs has really stuck. After a few years, sometimes even just a few months, I’ve always ended up abandoning them.

So why am I starting a new one now? Paradoxically, because of a need to detox from technology, more specifically from social media. I would like to stop wasting time browsing Instagram timelines and liking random photos and start concentrating more on reading, yoga, writing, and other things that really matter in life. Hence this blog.

In it, I plan to write about anything I am inspired to share with the world, so to speak, so this will not be a themed blog. My interests include literature, knitting, yoga, planning and journalling, stationery in general, gardening, teaching and learning languages, animal rights, and veganism. So posts on any of these topics can be expected on this blog.

I have selected the title and layout of the blog as a homage to one of my all-time favourite books, Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. As I post this I am in the process of starting research on the book, so I might even decide to publish something on that here.

If you stop by and read something interesting, thought-provoking, outraging, or even just plain wrong, please contact me to share your opinion. I would love it if this place became an opportunity to engage in conversations and exchange of opinions.

Thank you for reading, until next time.


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