My name is Giulia Brazzale, I am a freelance teacher of English and Italian as a foreign language, Chinese-to-Italian and English-to-Italian translator, as well as a graduate in Anglo-American Studies with a passion for 19th Century literature.

I have pretty much always been into languages and the humanities. In fact, besides studying American Literature, I have a degree in Chinese Language (中文) and Chinese “culture” (i.e. history, classical texts, philosophical/religious traditions, etc.), and I speak a little French — a language that one day I would like to take up again. I love reading literature in its original language and learning about the inner working of different languages, as well as finding connections and links between world literatures.

I am also passionate about my job and have completed a number of courses and certifications for teaching English as a foreign language (Cambridge CELTA and DELTA), as well as having attended conferences and training all through my working life.

Some things close to my ❤️ include:

  • Manuel Uberti, a personal blog by my better half.
  • LAV, awesome people who pressure the Italian government to offer protection to the non-humans.
  • Sea Shepherd, more awesome people who work for a better, blue life.
  • Animal Sanctuaries in Italy, people who devote their lives to help some nonhumans live a happy life.
  • A/I, the (very few and struggling) people who still allow for some freedom and privacy on the internet today.
  • Pian Dei Ciliegi, a peaceful place as well as my virtual sangha.
  • Herman Melville, no introductions needed.

If you wish to read why I started this blog, and what I hope to get out of it, please read my very first post.

I’d be happy to discuss about any of the things I wrote about with you. You can get in touch on Mastodon, or through email:
✉️ giulia DOT brazzale AT inventati DOT org.
I prefer encrypted emails. My GPG key is available via Web Key Directory so you can automatically discover it through your email client.