My name is Giulia Brazzale, I am a freelance teacher of English and Italian as a foreign language and teacher trainer. During my studies, I have developped a passion for 19th Century literature, Critical Animal Studies, and most of all Herman Melville, to whom this blog is dedicated.

I have pretty much always been into languages and the humanities. In fact, besides reading American Literature, I have both a BA and an MA in Chinese Language (中文) and Chinese “culture” (i.e. history, classical texts, philosophical/religious traditions, etc.), and I speak a little French — a language that one day I would like to take up again. I love reading literature in its original language and learning about the inner workings of different languages, as well as finding connections and links between world literatures.

I am passionate about my job and have completed a number of courses and certifications for teaching English as a foreign language (Cambridge CELTA and DELTA), as well as having attended conferences and delivered training sessions for primary and secondary school teachers.

On this blog, I write posts on the things I care about, including: teaching and education, veganism, books, bullet journalling, and my personal life.

Some things close to my ❤️ include:

  • Manuel Uberti, a personal blog by my better half.
  • LAV, awesome people who pressure the Italian government to offer protection to the non-humans.
  • Anonymous for the Voiceless, whose street activism is trying to make humanity realize what they are doing to nonhumans
  • Sea Shepherd, more awesome people who work for a better, blue life.
  • A/I, the (very few and struggling) people who still allow for some freedom and privacy on the internet today.
  • Pian Dei Ciliegi, a peaceful place as well as my virtual sangha.
  • Herman Melville, no introductions needed.

If you wish to read why I started this blog, and what I hope to get out of it, please read my very first post (all posts dated before 2021 were migrated from my previous blog).

I’d be happy to discuss about any of the topics of this blog with you. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts, or to get in touch on Mastodon or via email:
✉️ giulia DOT brazzale AT inventati DOT org.
I prefer encrypted emails. My GPG key is available via Web Key Directory so you can automatically discover it through your email client.