Seven reasons why you should read Beloved by Toni Morrison

  1. Because it is a monument to commemorate all the victims of the Atlantic slave trade, which in my opinion is one of the bloodies, darkest chapters of recent human history and should not be forgotten.
  2. Because whether you identify as a man, woman, both, none, etc. you will benefit from reading the ordeal of a black woman, who is still today one of the most vulnerable and most mistreated people in American society (and not only!).
  3. Because the way Morrison uses language will make you want to read and re-read her sentences 10 times before moving on, in an attempt to capture completely the beauty and poetry of her images.
  4. Because the chapter in which Beloved speaks in a sort of stream of consciousness will leave you to ponder in trying to find an interpretation for at least one week.
  5. Because it will give you back faith in the ability of contemporary literature to tell more than simply a story (in case you had lost it like I had).
  6. Because when you read it for the second time, it is an entirely new, even more amazing book.
  7. Because the next time you complain about having to queue at the post office, the book will help you put things into perspective.

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