The beginning

Hello and welcome!
This is the first post of a hopefully long series. I’ve already explained here both the title and the purpose of this blog, so I will not repeat myself. Here I only wish to point out a few things regarding this blog:

    • All views, ideas and thoughts are my personal opinion. They do not reflect the opinion of authors of books/blogs that I quote, but only my interpretation of them.
    • This blog is based on my everyday experience as English teacher. I may report on facts that happened in class or on specific students, but anonymity will always be granted to them, plus I might change a few small details (not significant to the point or idea expressed in the post) in order to grant further anonymity to my students and colleagues.

  • As you can read, at the time of starting this blog I’m not a fully trained teacher, so posts will be more about questions than answers. Most of the reflections I put in writing here will come from practical classroom experience as well as from readings and theoretical issues I encounter during my teaching life. If more experienced/trained teachers happen to read my entries, I’d be glad to hear their thoughts on the issues brought forward on my posts.
  • For the same reasons, I apologise if some of my views and ideas seem too simplistic or too naive to you. That’s probably my lack of formal training or of theoretical background. Again, if more experienced teachers are kind enough to comment with their opinion, or point out the weaknesses of my reasoning, I’d be glad to read and consider their views.
  • I accept and welcome comments, criticism and debate on this blog, as long as they are pertinent to the topic discussed and they do not offend anybody. Comment moderation is activated so you will not see you comment immediately as I first need to approve it. Be patient, it might take me a day or two to do so.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I hope it will be a place for discussion and sharing of ideas and thoughts.

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