Summer’s officially over, so here I am, back to work (even though I actually kept teaching here and there throughout the summer) and back to writing on this blog. So many things will be changing starting today…

First of all, after three years my self-employed career is over — at least for the time being. It has been a great experience and it has pushed me to develop both as a teacher and as a “manager”, but I’m still glad it is over. I felt overworked, underpaid and unable to go where I wanted with my teaching, so ending the experience seems like the right choice — even though I have to admit it is a bit painful.

As a result, I will be staring a full-time job as English teacher in a local language school. I’m looking forward to this for many reasons, not least because I’ll have the chance to start my Delta Module 1 preparation. Apart from this, the school is a big and well respected Cambridge examination centre in the area, so I’m sure it will give me the opportunity to meet great colleagues, as well as to teach in a wider range of contexts (from exam preparation to business English).

I am worried working full time and studying for Delta might become too much, but for now I just want to give it a go and enjoy the experience.

Thanks for reading this, I hope your school year will be great too! 🙂

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