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I know this was a blog challenge some time ago (possibly a year ago or more!), but at the time I had just started this blog, so I didn’t take part. Anyhow, I now feel it is the right time to share a bit more about who I am and what I do (besides teaching), in case you were wondering… 😉

So here I am, sharing 11 random facts about me:

  1. I used to have another blog, which I later merged with this one, where I wrote anything that had nothing to do with teaching or foreign languages. I now have a session of this blog dedicated to it.
  2. Thanks to my husband, I’m a big fan of Free Software. I have written some articles on this blog about how I use it for work, but I also use it in my everyday life.
  3. I am currently flat hunting, which is a real pain since I work 10-12 hours a day, and I am free two mornings a week, when my husband is at work! 🙁
  4. I’m vegan. I have been for more than three years now. While I was an omnivore, I was never bothered, judged or lectured by any vegetarian/vegan, whereas now I am constantly mocked, lectured or looked down on by omnivores.
  5. I graduated in Chinese Language and Culture from Venice University, but I ended up teaching English. My Chinese is slowly fading away though, and that’s such a pity.
  6. On this note, let me add that I am really fond of Chinese and Indian philosophies. Especially Daoist and Buddhist thought. I wish I had time to study them more in depth, as they present a vision of reality that is very close to my personal experience (and I’m not saying this in a new-agey, romantic tone, I really mean it).
  7. I keep a personal diary, I have had one since I was 9 and our teacher at school read us passages from Anne Frank’s Diary. Her diary had a name, and so did mine (for a while).
  8. I’m a couch potato. I don’t like exercising, and the best I can do is some gentle yoga or taiji.
  9. If I hadn’t studied languages at university, I would have studied either philosophy or astronomy, both subjects that still fascinate me a lot.
  10. I think subconsciously I ended up teaching because my father was a teacher. I don’t want to admit it, but I know this played a big role in my career choice.
  11. My favourite book is ‘La Storia’ (History) by Elsa Morante. Such a powerful, amazing book, I can’t believe she had the courage to publish it in 1970s Italy.

5 thoughts on “11 things about me”

  1. Tyson Seburn

    Seems this type of blog challenge has been going around for a while (four years by my post – http://fourc.ca/responseandtag/) though in different iterations. It’s funny that 11 is the consistent number. 😉 It’s always insightful to read more about our ELT colleagues!

  2. Lovely to find out more about you, Giulia. I should see if La Storia is available in audio format. Hope you are enjoying the Eaquals conference!

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