I am writing this quick post to share a realisation I came to this week.

After one year of worrying and studying for Cambridge Delta module 1, I finally feel it’s paying off. Even if I won’t pass the exam in December, I recently saw the fruit of all my hard work, which makes it worthwhile.

Namely, this week I felt confident and at ease teaching an upper-intermediate pronunciation class, which I would have been terrified of doing last year. I was also able to plan and deliver an intermediate-level study skills workshop, concentrating on dictionary skills and routine-building for language study.

Both these experiences made me understand how much I’ve grown in the past year, thanks to a supportive environment at school, CDP, as well as Delta, and how much I can still grow with the next modules and (hopefully) years of work.

I can now say that all that (supposedly free) time spent reading and reflecting was indeed well spent. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Realisations”

  1. Excellent news, Giulia!

    Pronunciation and advanced grammar was the big take away from my DipTESOL. The confidence of knowing stuff really helps (and a method of finding out what you don’t know helps, too).

  2. Hi Giulia,
    thanks for this positive post. Doing the Delta is something that I’ve considered doing for a long time and still might do in the future (when I have the time and money). What puts me off is the common belief that DELTA is only done if you want to go into academic management (I don’t, not my type of thing). My persona concern is that I probably won’t get better chances to get hired (my schedule is always packed anyway) and the rates here in Prague don’t depend as much on your qualifications as on the economic situation. So I really appreciate your account of what you’ve taken away fro the course. If I do it, it would be for the exact reasons as yours.

    1. Hi Kamila,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You’re right, it probably won’t increase your chances of being hired (or to get a better salary), and it does cost a lot (in this I’m lucky, my school is paying for most of it) and take up a lot of your time.
      However so far I think I’ve been learning so much from it, that even if I’ll never become an academic manager or a DoS I am benefiting from it as a teacher first of all.
      If you ever decide to try, it would be great to read about your experience in your blog. 😊

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