My top 6 posts

Today I was looking back at my old posts, and I realised some have been quite popular compared to my average number of visits/views, and others are posts I’m quite proud of, despite the low number of visits.

So today I’d like to go a bit nostalgic and list here my top favourite posts from this blog.

1. Freelancing vs Working for a school

This post contains my considerations on the different working conditions of a freelancer vs a teacher employed by a private language school. The reflections apply for the job market in Italy, where freelancing has such high costs almost nobody can afford to do it if they don’t have some other form of income in the family. Much to my surprise, from the post a Twitter debate made me realise how opposite is true in other countries.

2. My own activity book

For some reason this very silly post about how I organise my teaching materials has had an incredible number of visits (for the standards of this blog of course). I wonder weather it has helped other teachers get organised or sparkled some debate somewhere on the internet about materials and filing systems…

3. On Dogme and how a world map transformed my lesson

This post describes one of the lessons that is still today a fond memory for me. A great “dogme moment” that made me realise so many things about teaching.

4. Planning one-to-one lessons

Here’s another post that for some unknown reason attracted a lot of visits. I can only guess it is because not many words have been spent in ELT about teaching 121, or because I wrote something many people can relate to. It would be interesting to know.

5. Noticing in action

Some reflections on how I perceive I’m learning new vocabulary in English. Not to throw a red herring, but I think all language teachers should try to teach their L2 (or L3 or L4 for that matters) as it is so much fun! 😀

6. Why and how I became a vegan

This is one of my favourite non elt-related posts. I felt compelled to write it even if it isn’t something many people will agree with (or even be interested in). It’s part of who I am, so it felt really nice to be able to share it with whoever is reading this blog.

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