Delta module 1 exam is over

After more than 15 months of preparation (while also working full time), I finally sat module 1 exam last Wednesday. Of course I can’t say anything about the result, as I will not know until next February, but I just wanted to note down some impressions I have had after doing the exam.

Paper one was a race against the clock

I found Paper one particularly challenging. What I don’t really get of this exam is why candidates are required to do so many things in such a short time. I would argue it is lack of construct validity (aha! I remembered that one) as I don’t really see the value in having to rush through the tasks. Is that supposed to simulate real-life conditions, where teachers don’t have much time to plan their lessons and have to think on their feet?

Definitions are tricky

It is one thing to know a term, but a completely different thing to know how to define it. I had practised definitions, but I still found that part particularly hard. If I could go back (or if I have to re-sit the exam) I’d make sure I get plenty of practice in writing concise and effective definitions.

Paper two was so much better

It is more relaxed in timing, so that you can really think about it and give reasoned answers. I also prefer to discuss methodology and principles behind coursebook choices rather than analysing adverbs and connected speech, so that is probably why I found paper two more enjoyable. I was able to make a surprising amount of points in task 3, where during mock exams I could never make more than 12-13 points.

Thank you Sue Swift

I found her blog so useful, both for the terminology and for the amazing amount of great tips she gives. Revising what each paper involves and how marks are assigned with the two quizzes she created was also very helpful, as it made me manage my time better during the exam itself.

All in all, I am satisfied with my progress as a teacher. I have learnt so much and have become more aware of many little things in my lessons. So I would say that, results aside, the experience has been a productive and successful one (even though close to the exam it felt otherwise!).

7 thoughts on “Delta module 1 exam is over”

  1. Hello! Have you passed it? I’m also planning to take this exam in the near future.🙂 I heard the fail rate is high and even very experienced and professional teachers fail it.😔

  2. Hello! Having found your blog a bit late, I hope you succeeded in the exam!🙂 Have you got your full Delta diploma yet?

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