2017 Eaquals conference workshop: quality fallout

I am thrilled and terrified to announce that a colleague and I will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming Eaquals Annual Conference in Riga, Latvia, in April this year.

The idea for the workshop came as a result of some unpleasant and unforeseen facts that happened at our school following some changes in quality assurance procedures. We would like to explore the drawbacks and human as well as monetary costs of keeping high standards of quality, and to discuss with the participants whether it is actually worth to maintain high quality standards in language education.

I am not sure yet of what we are going to say or do at the workshop, we are still at a brainstorming phase; so if you have any idea or personal experience on the topic and would like to share it here, it will be highly appreciated. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and see you in Riga!

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